SRD puttering about: MFA studio in Process

srd 2020 intro

VIDEO: Introduction- On SRD’s Practice

Here is a 2min introduction video made to help contextualize my new work in relationship with my practice as a whole. It was made for our current Covid world, when we could not do a presentation of our practice to the incoming MFA cohort.


SOUND PIECE: Foghorns- sunrise on the river… Composition sketch 3

Third composition, visualizing a foggy moment on the river… seagulls are darting about, an Osprey ambles about, and the geese are loud as hell…

Sunrise, morning fog

SOUND PIECE: Regalo Le Megalo- sunrise wakie wakie… Composition sketch 2

Second composition, an attempt at portraying sunrise while surveying for Quail Coveys… It is a cold fall morning, in the distance the cooling towers of the atomic power plant, fatherless golems standing in despair. The air is still, the expectation of hundreds of birds, rodents and other creatures, waiting for the coming morning buffet. The […]


SOUND PIECE: A composition for Millenia-Trees a First pass —Composition sketch 1

1/22/2020: Probably my first ever real attempt at composition. After considering the level of interactions and negotiations necessary to work with a real composer to get a score for my video pieces, I decided to try to make audio sketches of possible directions for the current longform piece that I am working on. Most of […]


VIDEO: “Untitled” – A New Direction, New Possibilities

This work is a turning point in my understanding of my practice. Modeling possible directions from the results of research, reading, process writing, test shooting, sketching and discussing my ideas with Lance, Amy and my cohort, has allowed me to imagine a direction where the different ideals of art making I am captivated by, can coexist in my practice.


WRITING: The Potential of a New Direction, Clearer Intentions

I am embarking on a new phase of my practice, that I have been developing over the semester through writing, research and trial and error… Here is the newest version of my artist statement which present this new opportunity.


SRD In Practice: Mind Maps

Mapping Process, Methods, Ideas, Theories, Research into models of understanding… Taxonomy of influences; Themes and patters; Process Methodology


FAIL PROJECTS: Installation- BDG

¡ Trigger warnings . : . NSFW content!
This was another pass at my Mandingo series of works, attempting to present data and information while also creating a specific type of environment.


SOUND PIECE: An Absurd Laugh Track

Melancolic microphone check, the result of listening to the news of Donald Trump and the republican parties attempt at a slow mo coup d’etat; something unfamiliar to Americans but oh so natural to all of us who have lived through coups.



A sound piece made of this moment… This piece was made the week of November 5th 2020. It was presented in the entry hallway of Taylor Hall.Its optimum installation setup would have been on discreet/hidden shelving about head high to optimize the unsettling nature of the voices. (and yes this piece is a reference to […]

Single Issue Drawing #188

IN PASSING: P3n1s Drawings

Continuing with my penis sketches on sticky notes, which will eventually become Penis paintings…
Here the question is when does obsessive behavior become a sickness.
Men obsess on their penises continually from birth to death.
(no matter what they say)


VIDEO: Marsh on Fury…

These videos were part of an attempt at working with images of Marsh grasses, both invasive Phragmites and other native grasses. I say attempt as I am still trying to understand how the different types of materials I have can be challenged to leave behind their “nature doc” feel and go somewhere else. The combination […]


SOUND PIECE: Breathless

sound piece made as a soundtrack for my first pass at Untitled 7B (Breathless Punks). All of the sounds are of my normal breathing manipulated and processed in various ways. some of it is sped up some of it slowed down, pitch is all over the place, etc. Then I used as a composition reference […]