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Trigger Warning

This Presentation Contains:

  • Misogyny & negative portrayal of women
  • Nudity & Explicit Pornography
  • Harmful Racial Stereotypes
  • Offensive Language

This is a recent installation attempt of my larger Mandingo project.
Here I wanted to test and see what the combination of real information, datapoints, found historical imagery, and related pornographic imagery, would do combined with an original sound piece, made using text to speech functions and different synthesized voices.

ambient loop playing in the room

Black Dick Gods

Corner to the left of door

The pornographic images here were found on fake Interracial fetish tumblr sites, flagged & removed by Tumblr/Verizon in 2018 after being found to be a part of a Russian disinformation campaign by the US Secret Service and the NSA. This material is a tiny portion of the type of subtlely messaged propaganda campaign, launched by the russian government starting with the 2008 election of Barack Obama, and later ramped up in Western Europe with the immigration crisis, and in the USA, with the election of Donald Trump. These were part of a series of interconnected websites whose messaging seemed to speak for African Americans, Africans, and Arabs to exacerbate racial animus and strife, in Nato democratic societies.

The other images are covers of trashy Blacksploitation books which relaunched the use of the myth of the Mandingo BBC in the late 60s early 70s, at the end of the first phase of the civil rights movement. This is a moment when White Americans emptied the inner cities, and escaped to the suburbs and gated private pool clubs to safeguard white girls from the lecherous eyes and penises of integrated black boys.

The accompanying data sheets are from google and pornhub, about people’s search term choices and taxonomic categorization. These give some ideas about the sociocultural characterization of penises in relationship with their geographic location in the USA.

The other graphics are colonial and post colonial maps of African ethnic and ethno linguistic divisions.

These relate to the terminology used in the US in relationship to kink focused on interracial Big Black Aggressive Dick envy, which seems to also be geographically skewed in the US, south of the Mason Dixon line.

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