SRD puttering about: MFA studio in Process


Model 2 -Front view

Installation: Untitled #3044, DC – sketches

Working on creating the installation of “Untitled #3044-Triggered Redundancy“ for the show at the Delaware Contemporary in Wilmington. I Have been trying to come up with an installation strategy that would work in a group show, specifically creating immersive space with a sonic environment while not distracting or affecting others in the space as well… Read More ›


Water Projects: Wetlands, Marshes, Swamps, Bogs, the story of dematerialized liminal spaces

Water In water, I’m interested in the social, economic, environmental, and cultural relationship that we have with water and all the challenges that are related to that. On the negative side of the equation, we have droughts and pollution, soil erosion , sea level rise, climate related issues that we’re all facing and dealing with.… Read More ›


VIDEO: “Untitled” – A New Direction, New Possibilities

This work is a turning point in my understanding of my practice. Modeling possible directions from the results of research, reading, process writing, test shooting, sketching and discussing my ideas with Lance, Amy and my cohort, has allowed me to imagine a direction where the different ideals of art making I am captivated by, can coexist in my practice.


WRITING: The Potential of a New Direction, Clearer Intentions

I am embarking on a new phase of my practice, that I have been developing over the semester through writing, research and trial and error… Here is the newest version of my artist statement which present this new opportunity.


SRD In Practice: Mind Maps

Mapping Process, Methods, Ideas, Theories, Research into models of understanding… Taxonomy of influences; Themes and patters; Process Methodology

srd 2020 intro

VIDEO: Introduction- On SRD’s Practice

Here is a 2min introduction video made to help contextualize my new work in relationship with my practice as a whole. It was made for our current Covid world, when we could not do a presentation of our practice to the incoming MFA cohort.