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In water, I’m interested in the social, economic, environmental, and cultural relationship that we have with water and all the challenges that are related to that. On the negative side of the equation, we have droughts and pollution, soil erosion , sea level rise, climate related issues that we’re all facing and dealing with.

On the positive side, I am more interested in the abstract, the poetics, the emotional aspects of water: love, nourishment, cleansing, all those things that make it so amazing and interesting and wonderful. 

Wetlands, Marshes, Swamps, Bogs…

Dematerialized or Materialized Liminal Spaces?

Water Projects : Marshlands, an artist statement

For the past few years, I have been focused on the cultural losses caused by environmental degradation, specifically rising seas and erosion of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the United States. My course of study explores the intersection of ecology, culture, history, anthropology and environmental justice with postcolonial, queer and feminist concepts and ideas, to analyze, understand and recontextualize past, present, future states of coastal wetlands in the US.

Using historical research, local exploration and visual investigations of these “wastelands,” I am immersing myself in the social, environmental, historical and contemporary states of these spaces to gain a solid experiential and emotional connection to wetlands.

This concentration enables me to make work that contains all of the different interconnected aspects of an environment, a geography of time, and ethnography of space, from the lives of the tiniest bugs to the experience of marooned slaves and the later riverine communities of African American, Native American and other disenfranchised people who, by necessity or by choice, have made these places home.

With this knowledge and experience, I will talk about the mirage of their existences, long lost to the misfortune of time, a journey to reaffirm the reality of their experiences and the destructive force of American society and State on their environment, cultures and way of life.


  • 1906 Map of Wilmington, DE and the Delaware river estuary
  • 1946 Wilmington, DE and surroundings
  • 1948 Wilmington, DE and surroundings

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