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Installation Video Walkthrough Sketch

This is a first pass at making a video walkthrough of a potential installation with the videos I am making from the sound compositions and all of the footage I shoot at the Dupont Experience Education wildlife area in Wilmington.

This is a pretty long presentation as it doesn’t have the interactive elements of the installation –the different sections would use sensors to start the videos/sound when someone was in different parts of the space.

To help see the different sections you can navigate using the following time markers to skip around.
The segments in this presentation are:

  • entryway: 00:00 to 02:35 ;
  • section 1: 02:45 to 08:30;
  • section 2: 08:40 to 10:45 ;
  • Section 3: 10:50 to 19:00;
  • Section 4: 19:25 to 21:50 end

The Videos are shot using 2 cameras/different lenses, on a gimbal recording the different angles at the exact same time. One camera has a wide angle and the other is a short telephoto.

I am still working on the visual direction of the videos, although the dual perspectives fits my current focus on western societies fixation on duality of self/the duality of body and soul/mind and spirit/id and ego/ etc etc; verses a more holistic idea of ontology, nature, history and the environment.

One idea here is that the color overlays are referenced on a key representing the different Chemical pathogens/ pollutants both historical and contemporary that dominate the sediment and water column here.
For example:

  • Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBS)
    •  C₁₂H10−ₓClₓ.
  • DDT
    • C14H9Cl5
  • Volatile organic compound (VOCs)
DDT | Podcast | Chemistry World

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