SRD puttering about: MFA studio in Process

Here are images and documentation of this piece set up at the Delaware Contemporary Museum, it is in a reduced form composed of 3 50″ monitors, set up in a triptych formation as opposed to multiple projections and interactive elements (motion sensing and spacial audio) driving the viewing. because of spatial limitations the monitors are a bit too close to each other but it works alright to create a semi immersive space.

As far as the content is concerned some key differences from the intended piece are no voice over but text screens to accommodate for the museum’s sound policies, and some historical image material I am not sure will stay, as they might be too illustrative at the moment. (they might need better integration into the rest of the material.

This was a good first attempt to deal with incredible amount of bugs and technical issue running such a set up on the cheap, it also has me considering the space differently. I definitely want to consider the display technologies role in this, and how to present the work in such a way that it is not so ‘present’. ie, wires, speakers, screens, computer, etc… but without resorting to kitsch and other such distractions… My next mission…

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