SRD puttering about: MFA studio in Process

Fourth composition.
Soundtrack for marshlands #1…

I have been shooting these Marshes since Fall of 2019, as well as researching the natural and environmental history of Delaware, both in relationship to my artistic practice and as a Delaware State Master Naturalist. What I am finding and what I am reading is mostly a very upsetting, anger inducing, tale of the systematic and wanton destruction, of the environment of the delmarva peninsula from the very first europeans landing to the current day.
This particular marshland is actually an artificial recreation of what was reduced to almost nothing by unregulated and profligate development up and down all the streams that feed it, as well as sea level rise rapidly taking back these few low lying areas, that were not overbuilt or just infilled.

When I am in the space, I am further overwrought by the absolute loudness of the ambient sound of 2 expressways enclosing the space into a giant V shaped cone of noise. The constant roaring of the highways overwhelming the sounds of the migratory and native birds who would otherwise use this sanctuary on their southern journeys.
This space infuriates me because of its history and its current state, so I made this composition that will be a part of the soundtrack for this project.

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