SRD puttering about: MFA studio in Process

1/22/2020: Probably my first ever real attempt at composition.

After considering the level of interactions and negotiations necessary to work with a real composer to get a score for my video pieces, I decided to try to make audio sketches of possible directions for the current longform piece that I am working on. Most of my previous sound work has either been performative and engineered/sound edited, where as this brought me into a new place, in which I have not real experience.

I am neither a musician or have I had any real comprehensive music education since I was 11 years old and butchered recorder, piano and guitar, before loosing my interest. (after being told I was tone death by multiple folks.

After playing around in Logic and Ableton, it dawned on me how I have always admired and wanted to try to work on composition, in my heart the work of composers synonymous with that of a mythical mathematician poet. In any case the “sketches” I have been making are a reflection of my discovery process, and I am really having fun making this. even as I understand the software, I do not know enough about music to understand most of what is happening. this is forcing me to learn more carefully what musical terms actually mean. Legato, let me raise you a Staccato. Chord, Bar, Octave, Tone, Quarter Tone, Key, Stave, Scale, Pitch, Crescendo, Diminuendo, Major, Natural Minor, Tempo, Tremolo, Vibrato, OMG, I am sinking into another swamp of learning… joie joie…

This is work in progress for the soundtrack of the Millenia: Trees section of Untitled: “TimeScale” (new direction post).

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