SRD puttering about: MFA studio in Process

These videos were part of an attempt at working with images of Marsh grasses, both invasive Phragmites and other native grasses. I say attempt as I am still trying to understand how the different types of materials I have can be challenged to leave behind their “nature doc” feel and go somewhere else. The combination of sound and image, the use of my own sound work verses music and sound compositions of others, these are the procedural aspects, but there is also the conceptual interconnections which don’t quite workout. I manipulate the imagery, through coloration, desaturation, over exposure effects, aging, etc, but all of it feels off, so working through these visual ideas as well.

I keep finding myself on the verge of an epiphany with this, whether it is including more of the reality of these spaces (the industrial wastelands that surround them) or including humans, or using the “Kuleshov effect” to change the meaning of the material, but I keep falling short.

In anycase, some videos to check out.

Untitled 7b ( Breathless Punks); Sound Composition, SRD 11/2019
Untitled 2a ( Fitful Irregularity ); Music/Sound Composition, Colin Stetson -Time Is Advancing With Fitful Irregularity – from his 2008 collection: New History of Warfare, Vol. 1
UNTITLED 11Y “Perhaps Out of Time”; music/composition: William Basinski, ‘On Time Out of Time 1.7’ from album “On Time Out of Time”.

Installation View:

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